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The best thing you can do for your team is to set a clear direction. ‘This is what we are aiming to achieve, and this is what it means for you and you and you.’ Once that is clear, everything then flows from that.

It’s especially helpful to get that clarity when the pressure is on. The Gazing Principle is around where you put your gaze / attention. It’s good to step back and check the big picture, before diving into the details, or the specifics. Under pressure, all too often we get stuck ‘down in the weeds’.

“Being busy isn’t the same as working towards your objective”

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Or there is overwhelm. Or the deals aren’t dropping as they usually do. When this happens, it’s good to return to the big picture. What are we trying to achieve here? OK, once I’m reminded of that, what are the three to five focus areas of activity that will help us achieve that? Now back to work.

The Gazing Priority Planner is a neat management tool that helps set this out on a single page, breaking each focus area down into the three parts of the performance triangle – skillset, mindset and structure.

If you’d like to discuss more, or find out about how some clear structures might drive your management activity, please do drop us a line