Better service

Great service is what gets people talking positively about your business. In an era dominated by distant call centres and automated answering systems, great service can make your business stand out. Companies spend so much on winning customers, but it is the delivery of great service that keeps customers loyal, and gets them telling their friends about you.

Our customer service programme will help you and your support team:

  • Develop a robust structure with your customer at the heart of what you do
  • Cope better with overload
  • Measure how your support team is improving relations with customers

Getting service right

The organisations we work with typically deliver two types of service:

  • They have a support team working with customers, ensuring they get maximum benefit from the product or service the business is supplying
  •  They respond to enquiries or problems raised by the customer

Either way, the impact service and support teams have an organisation’s performance is huge.

To find out how Andy Coughlin Consulting can help you deliver great service, please contact us.