Great facilitation makes an event. A really good facilitator helps all attendees squeeze every drop of value out of a workshop, seminar or other event. After all, events of any description are really investments. The combination of talents at a well-run event is naturally more productive and creative than individuals working alone.

“I have never seen anyone better at facilitation or instruction than Andy” – Tommy Pelham Director, Global Pre-Sales & Implementation at Xerox

A skilled facilitator is like the oil that makes an engine run smoothly and efficiently.

Andy Coughlin

Facilitators make sure:

  • the agenda is realistic
  • the outcomes are clear
  • everyone knows why they are at the event

An experienced facilitator paces the event, carrying attendees along at just the right speed, adjusting timings and the agenda through the day to ensure the event goes to plan.

Andy regularly facilitates events for Blue Chip organisations. He is also a lead facilitator for Working Knowledge, the organisation that bridges the gap between business and education.

A natural, easy presenting style, a good sense of humour, and a wealth of business experience means Andy is an excellent facilitator.

Please contact Andy if you’d like a chat about your next event.