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We focus on helping people, teams and organisations improve their performance under pressure.

Drawing on a range of skills, well-researched systems and over 20 years’ business experience we put together the right package for each client.

    We believe that

    By using the Gazing Performance principles as an integral part of your organisation’s sales and service strategies, a common structure and language are developed, improving performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

    Our values

    Focus on building strong relationships with our clients and programme participants and share the skills and knowledge to drive performance under pressure that we have developed around the customer sales and service roles.

    Sales Programmes

    There is always pressure in sales. The key to performing well in tough sales environments is to have a great sales structure and to execute that structure skilfully, irrespective of the challenges in front of you. The customer decides, not you. So that part is out of your control. But the way you engage, your process, is within your control, and it’s helpful to focus on that.

    Service Programmes

    As markets become more commoditised, margins get squeezed and copy-cat products spring up, it’s ever-more important to focus on the thing that really can make you stand out – great service. And having put all that effort into winning a customer, it makes sense to look after them as well as you can. But the service environment comes with its own pressures, and your service proposition is only as good as the people delivering it for you. 

    Management Programmes

    Great organisations select and develop the right people to manage their teams. It is critical that they are equipped to deal with the challenges that will inevitably come their way.

    Self Development

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     Improved performance comes from finding balance between: 




    Maximise Potential

    We will help your team maximise its potential, especially when the heat is on.