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‘Diversions or distractions are the enemy of productivity. When we run our workshops we often run the ‘Bad Day in the Office’ exercise, designed to tease out all the things that can divert our focus, and impact on our ability to perform. Coronavirus is that on steroids. Aside from its significant and obvious impact on people’s health, the misinformation and panic in some quarters means it has the potential to also significantly impact on people’s ability to perform.

The concept of ‘Red to Blue’ connects very well, and quickly helps realise that these diversions are so often out of our control, and that it is how we respond to them that matters. When we’re under pressure, it’s easy for the red head to take over and for our attention to be consumed by diversions. If we’re running a large organisation, or maybe heading up the HR function, then so it should – little is of more importance or urgency right now than how companies manage the response to virus. But for most people, in most organisations, their role is to be aware of the policies and procedures that are in place, to act within the specified guidelines, but to then get on with the task in hand, be it serving customers, selling or whatever.

Clarity is critical so everyone knows what they should be doing. And if business as usual is not possible for some departments, what can they be working on that normally gets pushed to the back of the priority list? It would be trite to say we can ‘take advantage’ of this situation, but making the best of it is all part of ‘Blue Headed’ behaviour.