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Dr Catherine Marshall 

Elemental Wellbeing

Why we do what we do

After a decade of working as a psychiatrist, Catherine decided she wanted to use her expertise and insight in promoting mental health awareness and  wellbeing in business, supporting people to flourish in their roles and achieve excellence.  Recognising the need to take a holistic approach she strives to get up-to date and practical information and tools about mental wellbeing strategies out to companies and their employees.


Catherine is experienced at designing and facilitating talks and workshops in both group and personalised 1;1 settings, whether that be online or face-to-face. She integrates a coaching style with an adaptable Socratic approach to generate a meaningful experience for clients.     


Catherine comes from a clinical background having trained as a doctor in the NHS and specialising as a consultant in forensic psychiatry. She also has several years’ experience as a clinical lecturer for at Barts and the London Medical School where she gained associate fellow status with the Higher Education Academy. Academically her focus has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate/trainees about mental health, wellbeing, professionalism, ethics and communication skills.

Getting personal

Outside of work Catherine makes the most of what the city has to offer and enjoys attending live music events as well as slowly working her way through the London 100 best restaurant list.