Inspired management

Your management team sets company strategy, puts in place procedures and guidelines for staff, monitors and reports to the board. But now you want to raise the bar higher. You need an engine for transformative change and growth.

Here are just some of the core concepts from Andy Coughlin’s management training:

  • How to reach and share a business vision for all
  • How to articulate strategy in a no-nonsense way
  • How directors can lead teams by example
  • How to run productive meetings
  • How to deal with difficult staff issues.

Positive action amplified

Management training is about helping senior executives to amplify positive behaviour at group level. Andy helps individuals achieve this higher level of performance by breaking down complexities to actionable chunks.

At the heart of this training are tried and tested methodologies that enable people to make the right decisions when working under pressure.

This training ensures that you take the learnings back into the workplace. Systems are structured for executives to apply and get results where they really count – with your team.

Please contact Andy for more information about Management Training services.