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Our partner, Stackla

By helping more than 500 global brands, agencies, media companies, and nonprofits curate and publish the best content from across the social web, Stackla powers authentic, memorable experiences for live events, social commerce, social advertising, competitions, and data visualizations.


Stackla is a flexible, highly customizable platform for leveraging the best content from 15+ data sources—including every major social network, RSS feeds, and direct user uploads.

Marketers can use Stackla to aggregate and curate the best user-generated or branded content with powerful rules engines and moderation controls. They can then publish these curated content feeds to live event displays, websites and mobile apps, ad units, competition hubs, or data visualizations.

In addition, the Stackla API provides full access to web development teams that want to build custom experiences powered by user-generated content.

Key use cases


Boost sales by adding trusted UGC at the point of purchase

Product recommendations, real-life photos, and reviews are key to the buying process for many consumers. Stackla lets you to embed curated user-generated content at the point of purchase—which can help to significantly increase purchase conversion rates.

  • Deliver a more memorable shopping experience by helping your customers envision your products in real-life scenarios with real-life endorsements.

  • Build trust around your brand by incorporating social validation into the buying process.

  • Showcase your best brand ambassadors—your happy customers—by integrating their content into your product pages.

  • Demonstrate clear ROI with straightforward interaction reports.

Customer examples


Create authentic, memorable campaigns that convert leads to deals.

Consumers have trained themselves to tune out branded messages—but content from other consumers can help you break through the noise. Stackla enables you to publish highly targeted user-generated content directly within ad units to make your campaigns more memorable, trustworthy, and effective.

  • Display highly personalized UGC for each user by serving content dynamically based on the targeting criteria for the campaign.

  • Improve click through rates by incorporating memorable, trusted user-generated content in your ad creative.

  • Maintain a steady flow of fresh creative so users don’t get bored of your ads.

  • Automate rights management workflows to ensure that the original author of each post has granted you permission to use their content in your campaign.

Customer examples


Streamline the user consent process

When you use user-generated content at the point of purchase or in your own ad campaigns, you need to secure permission from the author first. Stackla provides automated workflows that let you easily request author consent.

  • Reach out to individual content owners to request permission to use their content.

  • Manage acceptance of terms and conditions, privacy policies, or any other documents you need content owners to acknowledge and accept.

Customer examples


Enrich your events with dynamic curated content displays

Stackla helps you make your events more memorable and engaging by surfacing the best posts in real time.

  • Create a two-way conversation with live, real-time curated content displays.

  • Drive audience engagement using voting, competitions, and polls.

  • Analyze unfiltered social chatter to understand what resonates with your audience in real time.

  • Boost your social reach by rewarding your participants for sharing your event online.

Customer examples


Engage your audience with compelling social contests and campaigns

Stackla lets you easily set up competitions, collect and moderate entries, and manage voting.

  • Collect entries from any major social network to maximise exposure and minimise barriers to entry.

  • Require acceptance of terms and conditions as part of a competition entry process.

  • Streamline competition management with Stackla’s built-in voting tools, leaderboards, and terms acceptance workflow.

  • Host and manage your competitions within your own website—on brand, secure, and where you control the messaging.

  • Build SEO for your site by creating a highly engaging destination that generates lots of organic inbound links.

  • Compound exposure for your campaigns by leveraging the social reach of your customers.

Customer examples


Captivate online audiences with fresh, trusted content

Content marketing is powerful but can be expensive. Social hubs supplement branded content with the authenticity of user-generated content to create engaging online destinations.

  • Curate the best content that represents who you are and the story you want to tell.

  • Drive conversion metrics that matter to you: time on site, pageviews, and repeat visits.

  • Deliver a highly engaged online audience for sponsors and advertisers.

  • Reward your audience and drive engagement with competitions, polls, and promotions.

Customer examples


Leverage UGC throughout the digital marketing ecosystem

Whether you want to create a showstopping live event display, build your own unique embeddable widgets, create custom approval and routing workflows, or automate the delivery of UGC throughout your enterprise systems, Stackla’s APIs give your development team the power to make it happen.

  • Design your own interfaces and displays and power them with UGC.

  • Integrate tightly with existing enterprise systems such as your CMS, CRM, marketing automation, adtech, and social listening platforms.

  • Serve the right UGC to users at the right time by automating CRM data matching.

  • Drive trust, brand loyalty, conversions, and sales by operationalizing UGC throughout the marketing ecosystem.

  • Choose from three API flavors: JavaScript, REST, or Webhooks.

Customer examples

Key product features (WIP)

Content aggregation

  • 15+ data sources

    1. Twitter

    2. Facebook

    3. Instagram

    4. Pinterest

    5. Google+

    6. YouTube

    7. Flickr

    8. Tumblr

    9. RSS

    10. Ecal

    11. Weibo

    12. Stackla feed

    13. Stackla post

    14. GoConnect (direct user upload)

  • Aggregate by keyword, media type, user influence, sentiment, location, and more


  • Granular tagging and filtering options

    • Post type

    • Bad words filter

    • Sort by date, popularity, or number of votes

    • Claimed or unclaimed content

  • Moderation

    • Publish content automatically or queue and moderate manually

    • Team collaboration


  • Publish to live displays, social hubs, custom visualizations, and more

  • Schedule, pin, and highlight important messages

  • ShopSpots

    • Provides a direct path to purchase for products in an image

    • Users click on a tag within the image to reveal more details, images, and links to purchase


Rights management



  • Provides developer access to the data accessible through Stackla

  • Developer portal and documentation:

  • Enables custom data visualizations