Senior Management briefings

by admin on September 29, 2016

A consistent, organised approach to briefing senior management takes away much of the stress that comes with the impending arrival of that high level visitor, or VIP.

This week I’ve been working with the Business Unit head of one of our customers, as he and his team prepare for a visit from a Senior Vice President of one of their key partners. Amid much preparation, and ensuring everything is ship-shape for the visit, they need to prepare to take the Senior VP to some key customers. And that means they need to put together a proper brief for each customer meeting.

This is where a robust structure comes in. The COVER toolkits that we use at Gazing give the laser-guided, one-page summaries that tell a senior manager, or indeed any colleague what they need to know about a customer. Not all the detail, that would be impossible. But the high level overview that puts them in the picture.

The toolkit will help them understand:

  • why the account is important
  • who the key people are and how they relate to each other, and to us as their supplier
  • the background and overview of the customer’s business, including areas of potential opportunity to discuss
  • our strategy, or plan of attack

A consistent approach means the senior manager can quickly feel at ease, and focus on the key questions or key opportunities.

Preparing for a senior visit brings pressure, but in this area, we can help remove some of the stress and help deliver excellence.




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