Managing teams under pressure

Your management team sets company strategy, puts in place procedures and guidelines for staff, monitors and reports to the board. But now you want to raise the bar higher. You need an engine for transformative change and growth.

Here are just some of the core concepts from Andy Coughlin Consulting’s management training:

  • Planning
  • Execution and Alignment
  • Reviewing what’s working and what isn’t

Maps and Tools

Like all of our programs, our Management Program is supported by a customised one-page map, and a set of one-page tools. And it draws on the powerful Red to Blue model, used by organisations including the New Zealand All Blacks and the Ghurka Regiment in the British Army.

Facilitated by experienced, Gazing-accredited partners, who have managed teams at the highest level, our management programs quickly get into the practicalities and real-life situations that your managers face, giving them the tools to deliver under pressure.

This will give your managers a robust, consistent approach to management:

  • Clear priorities, linked to your organisation and its drivers
  • A strategy to gain buy-in and manage non-alignment
  • Tools to review progress

Please contact us for more information about our Management program.