Introducing Stackla

We are delighted to be partnering with Stackla, which delivers Social Media aggregation, curation and reporting for brands.


Stackla is the social content marketing platform that puts user-generated content at the heart of brand marketing. More than 500 global brands, agencies, media companies, and nonprofits use Stackla to curate and publish the best content from across the social web. For lots more detail, click here.


The problem that Stackla solves

Brand marketers who are trying to break through the noise of today’s digital and social media landscape have the deck stacked against them.

Despite spending billions on traditional ads each year, marketers are seeing reach and engagement rates dwindle. Their content marketing efforts on owned media channels aren’t breaking through either—only a tiny percentage of branded social content prompts any kind of user interaction. And consumers trust each other more than they trust brand-created content.

To break through the noise and tell an authentic story that resonates with their audience, companies need to put user-generated content at the heart of their brand marketing.

For more information on how Stackla can amplify your social media strategy,  check out their website, or call Andy on 07932 759240.