Graduate schemes for non-graduates

by admin on May 11, 2016

A significant number of young people are actively deciding to start their careers early, rather than doing a degree. It could be the desire to avoid the £50k debts that some grads start their working life with. Or maybe it’s because something engaging has grabbed their attention. Or possibly because they are keen to build their own career path. But for whatever reason, there now seems to be a rich vein of talent that is choosing not to go to uni.

The increasing number of young people wanting to get on with their career straight from school, and the upcoming Apprenticeship Levy (April 2017) that requires companies with a pay bill of over £3m to invest in apprentices, means that suddenly there is a lot of interest in reaching this market.

Companies that successfully harness enthusiastic, energetic, enterprising talent will be able to take advantage of these factors. If they can show young people attractive, exciting career paths that will enable them to compete with the graduates when they reach the ages of 22 – 24, then they have the chance to develop eager, talented, loyal employees.

In conjunction with our partner Working Knowledge, we are working with companies to help them identify, select, recruit and train young people. Working with the employers, and with colleges we have a smart model that also helps companies address their Apprenticeship Levy obligations, and leverage the employee volunteering that many of them are already doing.

If you’re wondering how to address the Apprenticeship Levy, and want to know more, do drop us a line.

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