Everyone can improve in almost every area – even Novak

by admin on June 16, 2016

We don’t usually make predictions in this blog, but we are going to stick our neck out and say that Ivan Lendl’s return to working with Andy Murray will be good news for the player.

When the pair first teamed up several years ago, we commented on how Lendl’s focus on Mindset would make a big difference to Murray. And so it proved to be. Interesting that in his first interview since taking up the role with Murray for the second time, Lendl is talking about how everyone can get better, even Novak Djokovic.

Sometimes, the world of elite sport feels a hundred miles from the humdrum of everyday business that is a reality for most of us. But as we at Gazing Performance Systems have said numerous times, there’s no rule saying only elite athletes can drive every day to get better. Nor is there a rule that says they must. They choose to. And having a coach who impresses this on Andy Murray can only be a good thing for him.

What are you going to get better at today?


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