Control of Attention

Many companies do not invest in sales skill development and fewer still include all aspects of their team in the same development class. Fortunately my firm not only invested in skill development, they included our inside sales and field sales teams in the investment equally. This duality can pose challenging to a facilitator as how can the same material be relevant to both teams when their sales cycles and offerings are different.

Andy’s mastery of the material is clear; what I grew to appreciate is his ability to read a room, understand the audience and adapt the presentation and material to match the team. He was able to communicate to both teams effectively. The outside team was larger than ideal and Andy was able to not only keep their attention, he made it fun and engaging. The feedback from his sessions was outstanding across the board.

-John McGuigan, Sales Operations Director, Modspace

Selling the Value

You want to get better at influencing? Or would you like to sell a product? How do customers feel when they make major purchasing decisions?

All these questions are explained in the “4 Step Decision Making Cycle (DMC)” in a simple, clear and understandable way – the DMC is the core framework in the course “Selling The Value”. In addition to the cycle and the tools such as the “Sales X-Check”, we also discussed, played with and verified (with plenty of appropriate humour) possible pitfalls and risks that stop people making decisions, or stop the sale going through. We also explored pressure, where it comes from and how to perform when the pressure is on.

An absolute must for every employee who has contact with customers (private and business). For me, the main essence is that I will use this instrument on a daily base. I now know which buying stage my customer is in, and I have an influencing strategy for each stage. In my personal AXA 2-day-course ranking since 1999 I give this course the gold medal.

-Stefan Deinböck, Senior Account Manager, Axa Switzerland

Mindset Selling 

Andy delivered a two-day session at REstore for our UK and German sales and sourcing teams.  It was very refreshing to receive training by someone who really understood our business and culture, did study how REstore works and gave the right practical examples the team could use.  The training preparation was excellent.

Andy has a gift to go beyond the typical “delivery” of a training program.  He puts himself in the position of the team and looks for solutions that will benefit all.  He is well structured and will make sure the focus is on the bigger picture.  He has executed this program with great professionalism and made sure the team was very actively involved in the many role plays.  He used his experience to relate to the audience and left the team with a common language in our sales process.  Follow-up sessions are planned and we all look forward to working with Andy again.

–  Dirk Collin, Investor, REstore NV/SA

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I have worked with Andy during the preparation and delivery of Working  Knowledge’s events and programmes for the past 5 years. Our events are large scale, fast paced and interactive, requiring precise time keeping and the ability to think on your feet.

Andy has been a joy to work with thanks to his ability to not only deliver against these requirements but also to make other members of the team’s life easier. He directly impacts the standards and quality of our events. Speaking as an Event Manager I know Andy is a great Facilitator to work with as you can put him in any situation / event and you have the confidence and trust that he will always deliver.

– Zoe Bevans, Delivery and Events Manager, Working Knowledge


Key Account ManagementUnatrac logo

“Having attending one of Andy’s Gazing sales training courses, it’s refreshing to receive training by someone who’s been there, understands the frustrations that sales brings but moreover provides a syllabus that is relevant and actually workable. The key element was always a return to basics and maintain a focus on the bigger picture. It sounds simple but very hard to instil when faced with the rigours and stresses of the sales process. Unique, refreshing, relevant and well executed – good job Andy”

– Richard Hale, Major Accounts, Unatrac

Major account sales logo_flex

“The Gazing model has transformed the way we engage with our customers, large and small. The model makes complete sense, and is so straightforward to use. It has built on all the good things we were doing anyway, but working with Andy has sharpened our approach and has put the customer at the heart of everything we do. It has had a positive impact on the way we work as a team, because we now all talk the same language. Like the map, the tools are quick and simple to use. We are also benefitting from the follow up sessions with Andy, which drill into more detail and ensure that we fully embed the model. I am delighted with the impact it has had.”

Richard Chew, National Sales Manager, Enterprise Flex E Rent

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on a global learning initiative we started in late 2013. We designed, developed & delivered a training program for Xerox’s Transition Management community. We’ve delivered it seven times across three continents. The program turned out to be one of the most highly successful ones ever developed for delivery personnel within Xerox. One of the highest compliments to come out of this class is that many of the students thought that Andy was a Xerox employee – he was that well-versed in Xerox processes and culture. I have been a part of many training programs in my career, and I have never seen anyone better at facilitation or instruction than Andy. His ability to blend the course curriculum with real world examples gives him a unique capability. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone (and have).

– Tommy Pelham, Director, Global Pre-Sales & Implementation, Xerox



Major account sales

“We at Enterprise have been very fortunate to work with Andy Coughlin. Using the Gazing model, Andy delivered two days of high level sales training which really focused on the motivators that influence the way people and companies make key decisions. Supporting the Mind-set Selling, Andy also introduced key management tools to ensure real structure in our sales strategy. Andy’s training has really helped us establish a common language in our sales process.
The training that Andy delivered was assessed over the two days. The responses represented some of the best feedback acknowledged by our team. Andy delivered the training with such clarity and used his experience to relate to the audience. More importantly, the effort Andy put into the training preparation was excellent. He put in a lot of effort to understand our culture and objectives.

We are very excited to continue working with Andy. The follow up training sessions are planned and will allow us to review successes directly attributable to Andy’s training”

– Oz Choudhri, Head of Public Sector Sales, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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Cellular Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile and fixed-line technology, serving business customer across southern England. But life as a major partner of both Vodafone and 02 comes with its own pressures, as Managing Director and Founder Damian Mottram explains.

‘Our customers rely on their mobile and fixed-line communications, which means they rely on us. Our aim is to go beyond reliance, and to delight our customers’.

Communications is a fast-moving sector, with sophisticated products that must perform in a range of challenging environments. Servicing customers is paramount. As with any fast-growing service business, the phone is always ringing and customers demand high levels of service from Cellular.

With a growing customer base, Cellular were keen to maintain the very highest levels of service, whilst meeting their other challenge of delighting their staff. For this reason they chose to work with Andy Coughlin and Gazing Performance Systems, who had already helped their sales team with a high performance program.

‘We chose Gazing, delivered by  Andy  because they focus us on the three key areas that drive high performance: skillset, mindset and structure. Their models are simple to grasp and straightforward to implement’ says Operations Director Kevin Reith. ‘It helps if the whole team has a common approach, but it’s crucial that they can follow that, even when the heat is on.’

Andy delivered a series of interactive workshops, backed-up by rigorous follow-up. The workshops enable the team to grasp the basics of the service model, but it is in the follow-up that the skills and structures become embedded. The result? The Cellular support team is the envy of the industry.  An already strong team has become stronger, and they are enabling Cellular to retain 97% of customers year on year, a result in large part of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

‘We recently had a record sales month, the most number of connections we have ever signed up in a single month, which puts pressure on the support team. But I am thrilled to say they responded brilliantly, and delivered on all our promises’ says Cellular Operations Manager Louisa Zils. ‘The Mindset Service model from Gazing has helped us deliver this service against the tightest of deadlines.’

Gazing’s Andy Coughlin added ‘Cellular is a great company that delivers on its promises. The commitment from Senior Management to continued improvements means they delight their customers as well as their own staff.’


Xerox logoFacilitation in US, UK and Brazil

“Xerox hired Andy to help deliver a training program for our global Transition Managers. Andy’s experience and listening skills enabled him to learn our business rapidly. This knowledge of our business combined with excellent facilitation skills resulted in a very successful training session that we hope to replicate in the future. Andy provided leadership insights well beyond the course curriculum.”

– Tom Bisk0, Vice President,  Transition Management, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox

“I had the privilege of being a participant in a four day workshop Andy facilitated on behalf of Gazing. Andy’s leadership style was first class: he simultaneously managed to let everyone share their thoughts whilst also keeping us on track throughout. A lot of practical experience added huge value and a great sense of humour kept it all fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy”

– Nick Miller, Portfolio Manager, European Programmes, Xerox

“We hired Andy to lead the facilitation on our recent Transition Management Program workshop, and he delivered on everything we expected. He creates and maintains energy in his delivery, keeps attention levels high, and kept the four day program on track. He also reads situations well, and injects humour and stories at just the right time. I’m looking forward to working with him again, as we look to roll the program out to other audiences.”

 – Bill Durjava, Global Learning Strategy Manager, Xerox

“Andy has a unique combination of skills to bring a group together and transfer knowledge and skills effectively in a short space of time. He is also able to make the delegate experience very enjoyable via appropriate use of humour and stories cleverly connecting with each person, thus increasing the levels of engagement through the duration of a course. All of this is achieved with meticulous planning to ensure a seamless delivery. Great pleasure to work with someone so professional and fun.”

– Fiona Libby, Head of Presales, Implementation and Service Delivery, GDO Developing Markets, Xerox

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Andy through the collaboration of trainings and workshops with Gazing Performance Systems and Xerox Corporation. Andy is a facilitator who delivers knowledge and skills with integrity and fun. A true joy.”

– Krista E. Zunino, Client Sales Manager, Xerox


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“Andy introduced us to Gazing and the Decision Making Cycle this year. His enthusiasm and forthrightness along with his challenging and questioning style have had a positive impact on our business.

The use of the triple S tool allows us to better evaluate our opportunities and unlock the reasons behind why customers are resisting our sales approach, by clearly keeping  the focus on, and making us think like, the most important person in the sales cycle, the customer.

The terrain map is a simple yet highly effective tool to make us think about who are all the decision makers and influencers in our customers organisations and makes sure we are covering our customers properly.”

Simon Manasseh, General Manager, Unatrac Limited

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Consulting and Sales

I want to thank Andy for the work and guidance you have given thus far.

Most recently we engaged Andy in our preparation for Offshore Europe, the major conference and exhibition in the oil industry. With Andy’s help, we developed a strategy to ensure we maximised this opportunity and I’m delighted to say that the meetings and interactions we had at the event all met and in some cases well exceeded expectations, with some very influential contacts made which we are excited about, especially as this is just the first phase of our project together.  Going forward we expect this strategy will bring us much closer to our client at the strategic level.

Andy also works with us on the sales training side supporting our teams in Europe. We have had nothing but positive feedback from Russia and Europe but beyond that the operations and project management teams are keen to understand the benefits of the Decision Making Cycle too.

Jonathan Brum, VP Business Development, Europe Middle East and Africa, Bredero Shaw



“Andy has helped us develop a robust management structure for the business. We have grown rapidly over the past couple of years. To sustain that growth we need to ensure that we have the right managers in place, and that we are all aligned behind the strategic direction of the business. Andy has brought clarity to that structure. He’s also helped us implement a consistent way of managing our teams, and we are reaping the benefits of this as we continue to grow.”

– Vince Mignacca, Director, Redsquid Communications


Customer Service

Cellulr Solutions logoAndy works closely with our customer support team, using the Gazing Mindset Service model. The initial programme had a positive and beneficial impact on the team. The follow-up work we have done with Andy since then has led to significant benefits – an already strong team is now performing even better, and the feedback we are getting from customers supports this. The support team now also works even better with our account managers and sales staff.

– Damian Mottram Managing Director, Cellular Solutions


Understanding Decision-Making

European Healthcare Group is one of the UK’s leading care providers. They selected Andy Coughlin to help facilitate a key senior management conference, and give the team a particular insight into Understanding Decision-Making. Chief Executive Officer Bernard Freeman commented:

“The team loved the session on Decision-Making and the regular references to it throughout the conference was a clear indication of the significant contribution Andy made.

The general consensus of opinion among the managers was that this has been the best conference we have held and that the “Decision Making Cycle” is not only something which they can implement in their business and professional environment, but also in their personal day-to-day interactions.”


Working with Andy is always a great pleasure. With Yell’s objective of the acquisition of new customers firmly in mind, Andy brought in a clear and fresh perspective of the SME into a corporate world, and recommended creative solutions to help engage with this audience, bringing measurable business benefit. A natural and warm communicator with an infectious enthusiam, Andy puts his facilitation and coaching expertise to good use during seminars and meetings both large and small. I welcome the opportunity to work with Andy again.

— Colin Lee Customer Experience Development Manager, Yell

Mindset selling

Cellular Solutions is a top tier partner of Vodafone and 02 providing businesses across the South of England with a range of sophisticated mobile, fixed line and converged telephony solutions. In a cut-throat market, Cellular Solutions achieves industry-leading levels of customer retention, and has a high-quality team of consultative account managers working to support their clients.

Sales & Marketing Director Dan Gardner explains why they turned to Gazing Performance Systems: “We knew we had a good team, and a strong market position. But in our sector, you need to move forward just to stand still. We believe in investing in the team, and we knew that with proper resources, we could achieve even more.”

Andy Coughlin has delivered the Gazing Performance System to the Cellular Solutions Account Management team. The focus has been on embedding the right structures to help the team perform even better, especially when the pressure is on.

Dan adds: “The Gazing model is very powerful. Andy delivers it with clarity, energy and the benefit of many years’ experience in a variety of industries. Having an external partner like Andy working with us instills certain disciplines. Andy’s follow-up sessions are rigorous, and ensure that the positive improvements in performance we have seen are sustained. He is also able to get into the detail of a particular situation and add value, as well as working strategically with us. As a result of the work we have done with Andy we can see that new business sales are on the increase and 94% of our clients are staying with us year on year. But just as important, the stats behind the results, such as numbers of appointments booked and completed are also on the up.”

Gazing has certainly added value, but equally important is Cellular’s commitment to excellence. Andy comments:  “Cellular is an outstanding business. When we started working with them, nothing was broken. They just recognised they could achieve even higher levels of excellence. I have been so impressed by their commitment to their team, their rigorous attention to detail and the way that their senior management including the Managing Director have got involved and participated in the programmes we have delivered.”

Mindset sellingdwc

“DWC hired Andy to provide our team with Gazing Performance Sytems “Mindset Selling.” The training has had real impact on behavior and there is not much more we could ask for. Andy’s delivery of the 3-day seminar was fast-paced, dynamic, clear and practical. His explanations of complex subjects were elucidating and gave insight into the minds of customers.”

— Michael Canon Chief Commercial Officer, Dubai Aviation City Corporation, Dubai World Central

Mindset selling

“We had the pleasure of counting on Andy to conduct a mindset selling workshop with our commercial team. The task ahead of Andy posed various challenges, such as the company culture, language barriers and the differences in doing business in the Middle East.

We are very pleased that Andy did an exceptional job in handling the adversities and producing a perennial positive impact on the team.

We are very much looking forward to continuing the work and counting on Andy’s resourceful insight.”

— Leonardo Zambitte, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Dubai Aviation City Corporation

Sales training

“Under Andy’s guidance and mentoring I learnt how to manage complex sales and help clients get the greatest value from services sold in. I still use Andy’s approach to strategic account management today, especially where there are many decision-makers within the client organisation.”

— Mick Dickinson, Owner, BuzzedUp

Working Knowledge logo


“It’s great having Andy facilitate our Plunge events. He is a clear communicator, injects life and humour into his delivery and always gets a great response from the teams he works with. Andy has an interesting and varied set of business experiences. It’s rare to find someone with a broad business experience who has also consistently succeeded in selling, both in blue-chip and SME situations.”

— Dr. James Lott, Managing Director, The Working Knowledge Group

“Andy Coughlin is a natural communicator and facilitator. I used to watch in awe as he organised 150 young people on our Raleigh expedition in Belize whilst making them laugh at the same time. He is unique.”

— Lucy Varcoe, Expedition Leader, Raleigh International