Andy Coughlin quickly establishes rapport and trust with senior managers. This means that the business of diagnosing and fixing underlying issues can begin fast.

All business consultancy is optimised to make the best use of your time. Andy’s objective is to understand what really matters, identify solutions, give you the tools to implement them, and deliver effective results.


Andy Coughlin has over 15 years’ experience managing and selling in three different types of organisation.

  1. Blue chip. Andy is a graduate of the renowned IBM sales school. He has experience working directly with a wide range of commercial customers, both for IBM and later for another world-class solutions provider – Compaq Computer. To survive and thrive in this environment, managers need credibility, great questioning and listening skills, and the ability to pull together teams to deliver solutions. Andy brings these skills and experiences to his consulting work.
  2. Small- and medium-sized business. Andy helped take a company with no brand recognition and successfully built a solid, renewing blue chip client list. For example, Andy targeted Microsoft which used 11 separate suppliers to fulfil a business service. Within a year, Andy’s involvement in the Microsoft account meant it now contracted solely with one company: Andy’s. Andy delivered similar solutions to HSBC, Sage and 30 other blue chip clients. Contact Andy for insight on how to win blue chip customers for your business.
  3. Charity. Andy was a leader for Raleigh International, leading large teams of volunteers to deliver exciting projects in tough conditions. He also managed the crucial relationship with the British High Commission and brokered significant sponsorship deals that enabled large-scale expeditions to progress, changing the lives of hundreds of people.

Your next step

This rounded, revenue-driven experience is available to your company. Please contact Andy to discuss change and results for your company.