There has been explosive growth in the coaching sector… and with good reason. Coaching is a highly effective way to improve performance. When done well, coaching is an excellent investment. The gains in productivity, stress-reduction, decision-making and overall performance improvement can be significant and long-lasting.

Andy’s coaching draws on three strands:

  • 25 years in the world of business. This has included working within some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, such as IBM; and twelve years on the boards of smaller businesses. During this time he has worked with some great people (and a few not so great ones), experienced the highs of great wins, and faced the tough situations that inevitably arise.
  • A rich and varied life. Being a parent, rugby coach, sportsman, expedition leader, friend, and husband contributes to a unique view of the world and gives a great perspective on life. Andy draws on his everyday experiences and lets one part of his life feed another.
  • NLP Practitioner training. A graduate of the world-renowned ITS company and trained by Ian McDermott (a recognised giant in the NLP field), Andy uses tools and proven NLP techniques to help his clients deal with whatever problems life, business or career throws at them.

Andy works with managers and directors seeking to improve performance, people facing key decisions, such as a career change, and people looking to re-enter the job-market. Please contact Andy if you’d like an informal discussion on how coaching might work for you.