Don’t just keep looking for ‘new’

by admin on March 7, 2016

We kicked off a Gazing Mindset Selling program with a new customer last week. All new, shiny, exciting and very positive. But as we discussed on Day 1 of the workshop, the key thing is to maintain the enthusiasm through the coming months and years. There needs to be just as much focus on it 12 months from now when it has become the norm.

Most of us are excited by new things, and a facilitator coming into a management team with a proven, new way of working, a better way of engaging customers in this case, is a classic example. New tools, new ways to engage customers, better ways to analyse and move our deals forward. Great stuff, and as usual, lots of enthusiasm.

Andy Coughlin delivering A new start is fun, but use what works

We know that it takes around a month to form a habit, and so the first few weeks following the initial program are key. But it is once the shiny edge has come off everything, and when the ‘new’ tools become the norm, when the common language has fallen into every day usage, that the real impact on the business is seen.

The risk at this point as that the concepts and models are no longer new, and therefor no longer ‘exciting’.

If the models that you work to in your business are ineffective, then of course they need looking at and possibly changing. But if they are effective, and giving you the benefits you need, it falls to you and your front line managers to keep the attention on them. The relentless working of the process, the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ is what brings the benefit….not just a new idea.


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