Customer service – does it make a difference?

by admin on February 15, 2016

Interesting to listen to the Evan Davis program The Bottom Line on Radio 4 this week. Well worth listening to the program on Customer Service if you haven’t heard it.

He had on guests from Dixons, Scottish Power and Ryanair, all of whom have had issues with, and almost become synonymous with Customer Service, one way or another.

What does the program tell us? The most obvious point is that despite its shocking record on customer service, Ryanair continued to grow, becoming the largest carrier in Europe by volume. Price, they believe to be the ultimate determining factor in people’s decisions.  I was surprised to hear Kenny Jacobs from Ryanair saying their positioning as being tough on how they dealt with customers (and almost ‘customer unfriendly’) was not deliberate. It just happened that way.

All three companies are in the b2c space, and it would have been interesting to hear how companies that primarily operate b2b perceive service.

In our market (primarily serving b2b customers) we are seeing higher demand than ever for our Gazing Performance Systems programs to drive up service. In particular we are seeing companies wanting to align their sales and service operations.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the recording.



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