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by admin on November 23, 2015

I had the pleasure of watching my son play in a schools rugby festival recently. In our world it’s difficult to take your professional hat off, so inevitable I’m always looking to see what works, and what doesn’t. I was struck by the way one of the schools organised themselves, and the simple structures they had in place.

To remind you, ‘structure’, (along with mindsets and skill-sets) is one of the three parts of the performance equation, and it’s usually the simplest and quickest to improve.

Boys warming up for a rugby match A simple structure to get the players focused

When we arrived at the Festival, I noticed one squad had got there early, the coaches had laid out some cones and tackle bags, and the players were already warming up in an organised way. Nothing complex, but none the less, organised, and in contrast to some of the other schools; some of whom were completely disorganised and most of whom, were just about adequate.

The message it sent out was “We’re here to win,  and we know what we’re doing. We’ve done this before, and this is what we do.” It was no surprise to anyone that on that cold, blowy morning, they hit the ground running and ploughed through the teams they met, reaching and narrowly losing in the final. (You can control the process, but not always the outcome!)

We’re used to seeing this sort of behaviour in elite sport because it’s expected. But what struck me was that this school had decided that this was appropriate for them, and they’d chosen to build excellent structure into their sport. I’ve no idea whether their skill levels would have carried them through anyway, it doesn’t really matter. But however good they were, this robust preparation for the day’s play moved them all up a notch or two.

You can choose to have similar excellence in your business. It is your choice. Have a think about where simple structures can play a role in your organisation. Whether it’s call plans, simple checklists for repeated tasks or something more grandiose such as how you tackle managing your largest customers, clear structures are the fastest way to drive improvement.

If you want to find out more about our Gazing Performance Systems, and  how we can help your teams build great structure in their engagements, especially when things get difficult, please do get in touch.


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