Prospect when you’re busy

by admin on October 8, 2015

At Gazing Performance Systems we talk to customers a lot about the importance of ‘control of attention’. Where we put our attention will impact our ability to perform under pressure. But it’s also important to control where we put our attention in using that most precious of commodities – time.  Earlier this week I was talking to a customer whose sales team are flying, it brought this into sharp focus.

In our sessions with customers we usually start with a review of how their activity and results have been since we last got together, and especially with sales teams, it’s great when they tell you they’re hitting it out of the park. You pick up that buzz, that sense that every opportunity that comes their way they’re going to convert. The energy in the room is palpable.

Motivational though this was for me to hear, what I really liked from the session earlier this week was when the sales director added that it was his role to ensure that during this busy time, when the team were wining and closing 75% of the deals in their pipeline, they were also allocating time and effort to bringing new prospects into their sales funnel. Deep down, anyone in sales knows that this must be a continual process. But in reality, when we’re closing business for fun, how easy is it to put this prospecting activity to one side, and leave it for another day?

The reality is that there is no better time to prospect than when you’re on the front foot. Prospects can detect the confidence (or the desperation) in the salesman’s tone. And even small things like having a full diary, and needing to squeeze meetings in, rather than a blank diary with nothing going on, will impact on how the customer perceives the salesman.

I do hope your sales are flying. If they’re not, maybe you need to do something about it. If they are, make sure your team continue to build their pipeline with the same energy they’re putting into closing the deals.


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