Memory tag turns around the situation

by Andy on September 16, 2015

If you’ve been on our Mindset Service program you’ll know the importance of a Memory Tag, used at the right time. If you haven’t had that pleasure yet, a Memory Tag is something over and above what the customer would expect. Used inappropriately it can be a trifling diversion, but used at the correct time, and skilfully it can leave a lasting impression.

I was at the gym this morning at Foxhills, and for some reason, the brown towels that we use to wipe away the sweat, or to cover up the lifting benches as we lie on them doing our bench-presses weren’t there. Shock horror! It was actually quite funny to notice people coming in, turning to grab a towel almost without looking and then to notice they weren’t there. It was no major drama, and nobody was kicking up a fuss, but I guess you could say it was mildly irritating. Handled wrongly, it could have led to a situation.

What I liked from a customer service perspective is that Dean, the senior guy on duty this morning, not only went to find a solution – I’ve no idea where he got the new white towels from, but he somehow managed it, but he also went around the gym and individually handed them out to whoever wanted them. Nice touch, Dean. A real memory tag. No need to do it, but I bet it put a smile on 20 faces.

If you want to find out more about our Gazing Performance Systems Mindset Service program, and see how we can help your teams delivery consistently good service, even when things get difficult, please do get in touch.


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