How to really build a team

by Andy on September 21, 2015

You may know that my Gazing colleagues in NZ had the pleasure of working with the All Blacks up to and through the last World Cup, contributing in a small way towards their victory.

Prior to the start of this World Cup, the BBC ran this interesting piece on what it’s like to be an All Black. What strikes me is the incredible sense of belonging and ‘team’. Yes, the expectations are sky high, and they will be under intense scrutiny, both of which lead to pressure. But the welcome for new team members, the togetherness and the clarity of thinking is quite extraordinary.

You could argue that most of us operate in more mundane environments, and that pulling on the black shirt is in itself motivation. But even amongst the world of elite sport, there is something that the AB’s manage to achieve here that most others miss.

I hope the article inspires you and your team.


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