Power of a great concept

by Andy on August 24, 2015

We talk a lot on our  sales programs about how important it is to have an engaging concept to grab the customer’s attention. This is important if it’s a new-business situation, or if you are taking a new idea to an existing customer.

The purpose of the concept at Stage 1 of the DMC is to take the customer towards what they want, or away from what they fear (or don’t want). When we run our Gazing sales programs, it’s probably the toughest part of the workshop – how to articulate something that gets the customer’s interest, without telling them exactly what you’re going to sell them (which comes at Stage 3). But as we often say, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

We are often asked about ‘concepts’.  I encourage my customers to regularly update the concepts they use for different market sectors; it’s a great activity for sales team meetings. I’m always here for you if you want to bounce your concept off me. Just send them over and I’ll gladly take a look.

The advertising world is a heavy user of ‘concepts’. After all, the best that can realistically be achieved from a bill-board is to get the viewer’s attention, and plant a seed. The rules that apply to our concepts, apply here. Advertisers are looking to take you to a better place, or away from something you don’t want. They usually go ‘big picture’, and typically come up with something that’s hard to argue with. I noticed this one below at Waterloo the other day….

concept in an ad

…which makes the point well. They’re not  selling you something specific, or even telling you they are the right booking company for you. They’re just painting a picture that says ‘live the dream, but don’t risk the accommodation’ – nice bit of ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ going on there.

Let me know if I can help you as you and your team come up with good concepts to engage your customers. And if this reads like gobbledygook, and you want to find out more about putting some structure and shape to your sales pursuits, do drop us a line.


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