Use the right tools to save time

by Andy on April 1, 2015

I’ve yet to meet the customer who has too much time on their hands. So anything we can do to help customers make better use of their valuable time has to be a good thing, right?

Participants in our Mindset Selling and Mindset Service programs learn to use toolkits that help them at different stages of their interaction with their customers. The tools integrate perfectly with our famous maps. All Gazing tools are one-pagers – no ring-binders or complex documents to fill in here!

The whole point is that everyone is busy, everyone needs it done yesterday and whilst we all know that proper planning drives up performance, somehow people so often fail to plan.

This is just a reminder to you to use the tools we have given you. I was working with new customer last week, and it struck me that even though they had never used the Sales X-Check before, they were able to distil meaningful information onto a single page and a highly usable, practical way. Great for sharing with colleagues. Imagine how slick they will get when they’ve done it a few times. A real time-saver.

And with the Sales X-Check, you don’t really need the tool in it’s printed version – a simple cross on a blank page will replicate the four stage of the DMC, and you’re away. Draw the horizontal line 2/3 of the way down, to remind you that you should have more above the line than below it.

If you need a reminder, or a refresh, just let us know.


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