The importance of effective engagement

by Andy on April 30, 2015

We had an engineer come to the house the other day to service the dishwasher. He did a great job, but as he was leaving he turned and said something like, ‘I’m meant to give you these….’ and gave me some leaflets about other offerings the company had.

If Malcolm Gladwell, (author of ‘The Tipping Point‘) is to be believed, small things make a big difference. The way that the engineer and his colleagues across the country hand the information over, or present it, will have a significant impact on its effectiveness.

Clearly the dishwasher company has thought through a strategy: the engineers are trusted and they get to meet our consumers face to face. So why not support them with some well-produced fliers and get them to encourage our customers to buy more product and services from us? Makes complete sense.

My bet is that, as so often happens in companies, not enough attention has been put on making that engagement as effective as possible. ‘I’m meant to give you these…’ would suggest his mindset might need attention. A bit of structure around how the leaflets are introduced, some thought about when during the visit they are handed over (maybe not as he’s walking out the door) and some skill development would make this strategy much more successful.

It’s why at Gazing we work with our clients to make the execution of their strategies so effective under pressure. The best plans and strategies will fall apart if the people delivering them at the coalface are not able to deliver.


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