Elite performers always look for that competitive edge

by Andy on January 24, 2012

Two apparently disconnected events, on opposite sides of the world, but both linked by the common goal to always improve.

I was working with one of my favourite companies yesterday, Cellular Solutions. This business achieves one of the highest customer retention rates in the cut-throat market of mobile telecoms. 97% of their customers stay with them year on year, an amazing record. Yet they are continuously striving to get even better, hence the workshop.

At the time of writing, Andrew Murray is still in the Australian tennis Open. Ranked at number 4 in the World, like Cellular he is an elite performer. And like Cellular, he knows he can get even better. In Murray’s case, he is striving for that elusive Grand Slam that will be an indicator that he has gone from very good, to great.

Murray and Lendl Murray has brought Lendl in to help him with his Mindset

For Murray, there can’t be much difference physically between him, and the three players ranked above him. They’ll all have outstanding conditioning regimes, similar diets and dedication to practice. There probably won’t be that much different in their skill levels. In looking to see how he could grind out that extra half a percent that can make all the difference, Murray chose to improve his mindset and decided a new coach could help him do so. He has recently taken on former Grand Slam champion Ivan Lendl, because Murray knows that it is in this area of ‘Mindset’ he can make a small, but potentially significant difference to his performance, especially when the pressure is on.

This desire to always get better, to look for the tiniest improvements that give a competitive edge is what marks out top performers, be it in sport or business.


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