Gazing helps All Blacks with Winning Mindset

by Andy on November 7, 2011

Gazing Performance is very proud to announce that we have been working with the All Blacks for the past 12 months, helping them build a winning mindset. The result is the first Rugby World Cup victory for the All Blacks since 1987. In his excellent article in the Independent, former England and Ireland Head Coach Brian Ashton explains how the Gazing team helped the All Blacks develop a robust winning approach.

During the recent Rugby World Cup I was torn between a patriotic desire to see England do well, and a professional desire to see the All Blacks succeed on home turf. England’s early departure from the tournament solved the dilemma for me. The reason I was keen to see the All Blacks do well was because my Gazing Performance colleagues in New Zealand were working with the All Blacks, helping them with all aspects of the mental side of their game.

As Brian Ashton says in his recent article in the Independent:
“The fundamental premise of Gazing Performance is to provide a framework and tools that help people to think clearly and correctly under pressure by stripping away any mystique and complexity, for example making it readily accessible to all in any organisation.”

All Black captain Richie McCaw talked about a mindset that ensured the All Blacks were in a position to deal with adversity in a positive manner. In high pressure situations adversity is bound to strike, and when it did, McCaw was looking for clarity of thought, execution and his team staying ‘on-task’. Head Coach Graham Henry used classic Gazing language when he spoke of ‘blue and red-headed behaviour’ and of the need to spot the early-warning signs of negative developments.

These winning approaches apply to all aspects of life, including business. Ashton makes a telling point when he talks of the importance of mental preparation how this can be improved with practice. Interesting the focus on ‘practice’ in sport, so often ignored in business.

Ashton concludes:
“Mental skills are integral to preparation and success in all areas of life. Perhaps we should pay them a little more respect.”

To read the full article, click here. To find out how Gazing Performance can help your team thrive under pressure, please do contact me.


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